Tips & Advice of What to Wear, Bring & Say to Get the Position

While job interviews can be nauseating, they are also opportunities for new jobs and career advancements. Leaving a great first impression is the key to landing the position you want, and proper dress, conversation, and punctuality are the key success factors.

Prepare by practicing potential interview questions, breathing slowly and deeply to avoid feeling nervous, and dressing clean and simply.

What to Wear

The way you dress for an interview creates a strong impression with a potential employer. Ideally, candidates should wear a business suit. Men should wear ties and women should wear pantyhose and close-toe shoes.

For more casual positions, dressy but simple outfits may be worn, without pantyhose for women. Men and women should be well-groomed and clean; avoid wearing perfumes or colognes. Light makeup is acceptable for women.

What to Bring to a Job Interview

Bring two copies of your resume, even if you already submitted one before the interview. If you have business cards, bring several to leave with the potential employer and attach one to each resume.

Leaving a Great First Impression

Arrive for the interview 10 to 15 minutes early, but no sooner. When introduced to your interviewer, extend your hand to shake. Sit with good posture, keeping your hands in your lap to avoid playing with jewelry or your hair. Look the interviewer in the eye as you speak, and remain calm, professional and conversational.

How to Respond to Interview Questions

When you’re asked a question, you can take moment to think through your answer and then respond clearly and positively. If you’re asked a question you would prefer not answer or one that would result in a negative response, turn the response in a positive direction.

For example, if you’re asked “Why did you leave your last position?” and you left because of your boss, spin it positively by responding, “I no longer agreed with the direction of the company, which is why I am here at such a reputable and ethical firm.”

Selling Yourself in a Job Interview

Remember that your goal is to sell yourself without bragging. Do not hold back on your accomplishments from previous work experience, but do not exaggerate your qualities or make unrealistic promises.

Provide specifics, such as “I helped increase the company’s output by 10 percent in the three years I worked there” instead of vague statements like “I helped the company be more professional.”

Although the interviewer probably expects a little nervousness, try to remain calm throughout your interview to reveal your abilities and leave a positive first impression. Be sure to thank your interviewer for his or her time and say that you look forward to hearing from him or her soon.

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