Professions with Degree in Geology

careers in geology

A degree in Geology combines Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics together and enables you deal with the Earth’s structure, history and processes that act upon it. The subject has a broader scope including Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean’s study. With this wider scope, the career opportunities are also in abundance.

Being a geologist, you not only help identifying and managing the resources, but also contributing to minimize the impact of economic activities on the environment. As a Geologist you will also be concerned about big issues like climatic change, natural hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes etc. Further more you may also be studying and researching on other planets. Read More

Careers with Degree in Marine Biology

careers in marine biology

For some people, being a Marine Biologist is being a Dolphin Trainer or some may consider it being a Sea Manager managing marine wildlife.  But it’s way more than that. During the studies, the Marine Biologists may collect sponges, looking for bioactive drugs, may be counting them, doing DNA sequencing, observing them or making theoretical models predicting their abundance once fishing is decreased.

When it comes to career options after studying Marine Biology at Bachelors or Masters level, there’s a huge new world. So to sum up marine biologists do a variety of things, but what all have in common is working with marine organisms. Read More

Occupations with Degree in Genetics

careers in genetics

With Degree in Genetics you research and learn how discoveries in science are made. Various specializations in the field of Genetics let you explore different dimensions and a broader scope of the subject, i.e. courses include molecular genetics, genomics, bacterial physiology and a lot more. The degree lets you learn designing experiments, how to carry out research using the appropriate laboratory techniques and analyze and interpret data.

Degree in Genetics prepares students for careers in biological research, biotechnology, and the health professions. Most of the graduates obtain a technical position in Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry, Pharmacy, Chiropracty, Veterinary Medicine, Genetic Counseling, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Public Health,  and other professional opportunities in Sales/Marketing, Technical Writing, Scientific Journalism, Scientific Illustration, Regulatory Affairs, Administration/Management, Scientific/Technical Recruiting, Intellectual Property/Patent Law and Bioinformatics etc. Read More

Job Options with Degree in Health Administration

With a degree in Health Administration, you have knowledge of healthcare policy, the technological landscape of the Health Care Industry, and latest trends along with the business skills needed to resolve the issue of complex health services sector.

The combination of knowledge, skills, exposure to practical world and the familiarity with the structure of prevailing healthcare system lays a strong foundation for your career in healthcare administration. Read More

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