Job Options with Degree in Atmospheric Sciences

careers with degree in atmospheric sciences

Although there can be various job options with a degree in Atmospheric Science, these positions are highly competitive and limited. Basically you can have three lines, i.e. Meteorology, Climate and Atmospheric Sciences.

Jobs can be available in public as well as private sectors, but almost all jobs need your excellent command over the subject as well as high level of competence. Read More

Careers with Degree in Animal Sciences

careers with degree in animal sciences

With a degree in Animal Sciences can pursue career not just in traditional production and management areas of livestock, but also in the reproduction, physiology, genetics, and nutrition. Animal science is a broad field and so opens doors for a huge list of careers. It is centered on the biology, production, management, and care of animals and since animals are one of the main sources of food and a stability factor for our ecosystem, the opportunities are widely available.

Being an Animal scientist, you will be involved in all phases of domestic animal production, research, sales, service, business, and education.  Read More

Job Options with Degree in Food Sciences

Job Options with Degree in Food Sciences

Food Sciences degree will let you have successful career with in food industry, research sector, or manufacturing company in the public, corporate, or government sector. Food science graduates are highly demanded in the food production and processing, quality assurance and control, technical representation in the sale and marketing of foods, research and enforcement of food laws.

With the increased need of food, the demand for trained food scientists has grown in both public and private sectors. Read More

Occupations with Degree in Ecology

careers with degree in ecology

With degree in Ecology you get an in depth understanding of how natural living systems function and evolve, and how they can be managed to conserve biodiversity while providing benefits to people. Being an Ecology graduate you may pursue traditional careers in resource management or environmental education, careers related to the conservation of natural resources and the ecology, careers in public or private organizations involved in the management of natural resources and so on.
A bachelor’s degree in Ecology is sufficient for most advanced technician positions in a wide variety of organizations, but definitely with a master’s degree you open more opportunities.  Read More

Job Options with Degree in Criminology

jobs with degree in criminology

With a degree in Criminology you get in depth understanding of complex issues of crime and criminal justice. So, you know how crime is measured, who commits crimes and why and how society responds, i.e. being a criminologist you understand the nature and impact of behavioral and social problems, and ways of alleviating their impact.

Being a criminologist, you may serve in various fields to deal with drug addiction, cybercrime, corrections, violence, crime prevention, Indigenous justice, and organized crime and so on. The list of fields in which criminologists may find career is quite extensive. Read More

Professions with Degree in Environmental Sciences

jobs with degree in environmental sciences

Degree in Environmental Sciences prepares you for a wide range of careers in industry, government, consulting, and education. According to many labor market analysts, the environmental industries will be major job creators in the next decade. Since environmental issues create impact on most of the sectors, i.e. food, housing, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals etc, employers will be more likely to hire someone with educational background in this field.

Besides many careers that require degree specific in Environmental Sciences, there are various generic careers for which you can increase your marketability to employers through this degree.  Read More

Job Options with Degree in Astronomy

careers with degree in astronomy

Astronomy is one of the most exciting fields of Physics to work in but success requires commitment and a true love for the subject. Majority of astronomy graduates work in colleges and universities whereby they teach along with working on a research project of their own interest. Another lot of astronomers work for government and other government-supported institutions, like NASA, National Optical Astronomy Observatories, National Radio Astronomy Observatories, U.S. Naval Observatory, Space Telescope Science Institute, etc.

Besides the high profile jobs mentioned above; a small percentage of astronomers work in private institutions focusing space-related projects or other areas where an analytical person with great problem-solving skills is needed. Other than these, there are some opportunities in science centers, planetariums etc. Read More

Job Options with Degree in History

jobs with degree in history

History is a diverse subject and unlike engineering, education, accounting, journalism, nursing etc, there is no single, clear career track into which most History graduates go and find employment. So, if you’re going to opt for History as a major, do review the available career options well.

You may find opportunities as analyst, archivist, broadcaster, campaign worker, consultant, congressional aide, editor, Foreign Service officer, foundation staffer, information specialist, intelligence agent, and journalist and so the list goes. Read More

Careers with Degree in Oceanography

careers with degree in oceanography

For most of the people, a career in oceanography consists of swimming with marine animals at a marine life park or snorkeling in crystal-clear tropical waters studying coral reefs. Well, that’s not it. Oceanography jobs are very rare with a strictly tough competition.  Most oceanographers work with scientific research organizations to solve particular problems in the oceans.

Mostly the research institutions are universities and government agencies that open opportunities for oceanographers. Few private companies also have job openings for oceanographers. These companies are engaged in searching for economic sea floor deposits, investigating areas for sea farming, and evaluating natural energy production from waves, currents, and tides etc. Read More

Careers with Degree in Botany

jobs with degree in botany

An advance degree in Botany can let you enter into a variety of careers. The employment options may lie within biological supply houses, pharmaceutical companies, food and various other industries, state and federal departments, private agencies and research institutes. Microbiologists with specialization in Botany care are frequently employed in clinical, diagnostic laboratories and medical research institutes.

Botany Graduate programs conducted in most of the universities focus on a wide range of areas, including plant genomics and bioinformatics, weed ecology and molecular biology. Post graduate studies further open doors for careers in such diverse fields as horticulturists, biochemists, research ecologists and more. Read More

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