Careers with Degree in Statistics

Careers with Degree in Statistics

A degree in statistics opens a wide range of job options and career paths for you. Being a certified statistician you have all the quantitative abilities, statistical knowledge, and communication skills to work on many challenging industries, i.e. nuclear safety, economy, environmental sciences, pharmaceuticals, consultation firms, agriculture, manufacturing etc.

From estimating the safety of nuclear power plants and alternative energy sources to evaluating environmental impact of air, water, and soil pollutants a wide range of opportunities lie there for individuals with degree in Statistics. Similarly, Statistics degree is required for designing and analyzing new drugs effectiveness, medical devices safety, consumer demand analysis for agricultural and other products. Read More

Professions with Degree in Mechanical Engineering

jobs with Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering degree will let you have most diverse educations of all the engineering disciplines and will enhance your skills to cover the demands of major engineering jobs across a range of engineering industries, such as aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical and energy.

Certainly, not all mechanical engineering graduates will go to the engineering industry, many will opt for supporting positions, i.e. sales & marketing, research and so on. Degree in mechanical engineering will, however, enable you to have access over a wide range of career options. Read More

Careers with Degree in Project Management

careers with degree in project management

Project Management Degree works great with a combination of another field of study, i.e. project managers are employed by almost all industries and businesses, including information technology, telecommunications, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, financial services, healthcare, real estate and construction, energy, utilities, and engineering. So as a matter of fact, a degree in project management enables to advance your career not to start.

So, make sure that you’ve completed your core studies in field of your interest and then pursue a course or degree in Project Management. You may also start thinking of pursuing a degree in Project management while being on job, i.e. when your organization needs to build a new plant, construct a building, expand capacity, open new locations, or complete any number of other large and complex projects, you may be promoted as a Project Manager if you have the desired qualifications. Read More

Do Men Really Earn More than Women

do men earn more than women

Gender difference has always stood as a reason for defining the job role and so the salary. So, definitely the difference between pay scales of men and women in obvious. Well, the good thing is that if we compare the overall situation, there difference in annual pay of men and women is very slight, however, on comparing the industry specific stats the difference is huge. Read More

Job Options with Degree in Zoology

careers with degree in zoology

A degree in Zoology truly shows your passion for the research and love for nature. With such a degree in hand you open a wide range of career options for you, i.e. in animal breeding, their behavior analysis, growth and relevance to humankind.

In some Zoology careers you may need to work directly with animals while some do not require your day to day interaction with them. Almost all careers with degree in Zoology are exiting yet challenging in their own capacity.  Read More

Occupations with Degree in Criminal Science and Forensics

careers with degree in criminal science and forensic

Degree in Criminal Science and Forensics will help you pursue a successful career in Law and Justice Fields. Though a Criminal Science and Forensics graduate have more job options in the law enforcement sector, the television and movies have miss-leaded people a lot with an impact that forensic scientists are involved in all aspects of criminal.

The role of Criminal and Forensic scientist is to make use of all available information to determine the facts and, subsequently, the truth. Besides the core jobs in the law enforcement sector, there are various other fields where the services of Criminal and Forensic scientists may be required. Read More

Job Options with Degree in Aeronautics

careers with degree in aeronautics

The Aeronautics degree is specifically for the people interested in aviation careers. The combination of Aeronautical Science, Business, Computer Science, Economics, Communication, Humanities, Social Science, Mathematics and Physical Science opens a good range of career options.

Although there are not too many career options specifically with a degree in Aeronautics, the available options are highly rewarding come with challenges.  Read More

Occupations with Degree in Hospitality Management

careers with degree in hospitality management

Many of the Hospitality Management jobs do not require a degree, but in some cases it’s a must. There are lots of entry-level positions in the Hospitality Management sector which require nothing more than a high school diploma or the equivalent. With a degree in Hospitality Management you get an edge for the quick promotion on advance level positions.

Depending on the curriculum and the level of your Hospitality Management degree, you may specialize and pursue successful careers in food safety and sanitation, operations management, marketing, customer service, hospitality accounting, purchasing, and cost control etc. Read More

Professions with Degree in Physical Education

careers with degree in physical education

Most of the people with a degree in Physical education majors opt for career as teachers at the elementary school, middle school, and high school levels, but it doesn’t mean that job options are limited. There are various other job options and career opportunities with degree in Physical Education.

You may opt for a career as a trainer, consultant, administrative areas, coaching etc, can open a small fitness centre or can earn by just any other way that makes people fit and healthy.  Read More

Careers with Degree in Entomology

Careers with Degree in Entomology

Degree in Entomology gives you an in depth knowledge of the lives of insects and their impact on the human life. There are hundreds of degree programs in the field of Entomology offered by various universities whereby you study bugs, but before pursuing the degree you must know that career options are very limited in this field. As an entomologist you may find positions in pest control, entomology field research studies, and forensic entomology, but competition is too high.

Many job openings in the field are for those entomologists only who have a doctorate degree, so if you’re really crazy to have career in the field, be sure to remain consistent in studies. Read More

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