7 Instagram Accounts to Follow to Get Career Advice

A lot of people on Instagram follow their close friends and family but, when you stroll through your feed who is it that you look to when you need inspiration or reliable advice for your career path?  Read More

How To Build A Career In Medical Research

If you are resilient both emotionally and intellectually and you desire to contribute to the body of knowledge in the medical sciences then you should consider pursuing a career in Medical research. Read More

Career Outlook in Business Administration

A Business Administration Degree prepares students for a career in business, which can stretch across any industry or sector. Career options for students are varied and they can choose from many areas they want to work in. Read More

Getting a Job in the Housing Sector:  What You Need to Know

If you are looking for a job, the housing sector is certainly one place to turn your attention. There are so many ways to make a difference in this area; you can help turn around the life of a homeless person or help someone find a place to live. It is not always easy working in this field, but it is interesting and there are a lot of different careers that you can delve into. Read More

12 Tips to Effectively Advance Your B2B Marketing Career

B2B marketing is probably the most rewarding niche marketing segment, and so being a B2B marketer, you may face more challenges than that of other marketers. Read More

When and How to Ask for a Raise in Salary?

Various organizations have different criteria for pay raise, i.e. some do on quarterly basis, some do bi-annually while others go for yearly increment in salary. However, sometimes, when you feel that you deserve a raise in pay and are expecting an increment and your company doesn’t do accordingly, the situation is awkward.

It’s probably the toughest thing for most of us to ask for a pay raise and majority of people end up having a disharmony with employer or else sitting quiet. Request for a salary raise if made rightly can actually help you have an increased pay. Payscale.com have created this awesome infographic that tells everything about when and how to ask for a pay raise without making your employer annoyed.

Should You Ask for a Raise

Careers with Degree in Geography

careers with degree in geography

Geography is one of the toughest fields of study and work; it doesn’t mean to scare students, but to realize the fact that if you decide to opt for Geography as specialization, you must make sure you can adjust yourself within the tough environment.

When it comes for jobs with degree in Geography the list is not small, but most of the entry level jobs need extreme mental and physical energies and only after a tough competition you happen to make it to higher positions. Whether you are working in the war room of a royal navy vessel or managing an environment agency, running housing schemes etc, the degree in geography is your key to knowledge and your ambitions, key to your success. Read More

Job Options with Degree in Accounting

careers with degree in accounting

It’s a common misconception that a degree in Accounting will lead you to become an accountant or a senior accountant at most. Accounting is required in almost every field and so the people with degree in Accounting. However, when it comes to job titles, there’re hundreds of them and the career path for each of them is different.

With a degree in Accounting you develop skills and knowledge required to maintain the finances of organization, and the advance careers require you to analyze the financial situations and take big decisions.  Read More

Occupations with Degree in Electronics Engineering

careers with degree in electronics engineering

Electronics Engineering is a broad and diverse field comprising of many subfields including electronic devices, circuit design, control systems, telecommunications, computer systems and embedded software etc. A degree in Electronics Engineering will open doors to various opportunities under the above mentioned fields for you.

With a degree in Electronics Engineering you develop skills and knowledge required for creating, operating, managing, upgrading, inventing and defusing electronic systems in defence, medicine, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, production, mining and other industries. Read More

How to Find & Get Job with Criminal Record?

How to Find & Get Job with Criminal Record?

In present economy where it’s difficult for an ordinary job seeker to find a good job, situation may get worst in case if you’ve a past criminal record. Although a past criminal record doesn’t discriminate you, most of the employers might not feel comfortable in working with you if they discover about it.

In order to make sure that you get a good job, you must find the correct one first. Below are some points for finding and getting job with a criminal record in past. Read More


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